PDR Training Program

Superior PDR training center provides a systematic, quality training program that guides the trainees step by step with maximum of two trainees at a time. To build the foundation and habits of PDR practice are very important; therefore, mastering the basics and theory with drill practice allows the trainees to learn efficiently. Our training course are not only done with the most advanced and easy PDR tools and techniques, but also our experience and insight from the past five years. We are confident that our trainees will become the best PDR technicians in the industry.

Professional Trainers and Safe Environment

Superior PDR training center has the best trainers that travels abroad regularly for advanced techniques. Our training site is custom built professionally to cater the learning environment on an international level. To increase efficiency of the training process, we not only train with real-collision automobiles, but we also isolate the training site from the commercial use to ensure training quality by giving our undivided attention. We do not succeed without the success of our trainees.

Efficient Training Course Design

Superior have four shops and many technicians. We understand learning PDR is a long process. Despite not having a certificate in auto repair or not having the slightest clue of automobile’s inner structure, it is difficult to master PDR in a month without determination no matter who you are. There are four Superior PDR training center locations in Taiwan with certified and experienced technicians stationed in each location, we understand how to train and how to train right. The design of our training program revolves around our trainees that allows our trainees to learn all PDR techniques.


It takes more than training and experience to perform PDR at a high level. Having the right tools maximize the value of PDR. Here at Superior PDR training center, we import the best quality repairing tools from Australia and the USA that best serves PDR beginners. We insist to steer clear from poor quality dent repair tools because it creates more obstacles for our trainees on the road to entrepreneurship and leads to demission. Besides the basic tools, we also import the newest technology from the top USA brands that are forever improving on quality, function, and efficiency. These most advanced tools could be found at our training center.


In addition, we also have the most advanced PDR tools all over the world. Each of the manufacturer of PDR tool is evolving constantly with rigidity, quality, functionality and convenience. These tools can be found and learned in our training center.