• R&I with Accessories (Remove & Install)
  • How to Use a Drill
  • Crown Theory and Removal
  • Shrinking Metal with Sharper Tips
  • Glue Pulling 101
  • Working Between Braces
  • Using Leverage to Push
  • Working on Creases Vertical and Horizontal
  • Touching Your Pushes
  • Working a Pass on Your Crease
  • How to Properly Finish a Crease

2 Week PDR Training

To become a PDR technician, the Intermediate Level course is extremely important. Over this course, we will help you develop good repair habits. It takes time to perfect your PDR skills and develop the correct knowledge and habits. We will not only teach you the application of the techniques, but also the scientific theories related to them. Crease repair becomes a whole lot eaiser when you work with the three elements of priciples, theories, and phenomenon.

Will will you be learning in your 2 weeks? You will understand various access and tools needed to repair the creases, the correct application of heat and glue pulling, and final finishing procedures. You will find keeping the crease area clean is the most important aspect during your repair, which 80% of your practice will reflect. You must remove all bumps and dings, control your strength, and carefully finish the final 10% of your repair work. The quality of your repair will be decided by the smoothness of the plate or metal your repaired.