• Body Line Dent Removal
  • Bigger Dent Removal with Glue Pulling
  • Managing Your Big Dent Into a Smaller One
  • Working Outside
  • Working with a advanced Tool
  • Identifying Hidden Crowns
  • Bumper Dent Repair

3 Week PDR Training

Congratulations of reaching this stage of the program! The Advnaced Level course builds on the skills you acquired through the Intermediate Level course. You will learn about the use of other more advanced tools and techniques, on more complex scenarios. For example, repairing deep creases, bigger dents, etc. This course will refine your PDR skills and help you fully develop good habits around your repairs.

At this point you are ready for ongoing advanced PDR repairs and aluminum. Everything you have been learning will be put to the test in the real world. You’ll see your confidence boost as your PDR skils are showing great results. However this doesn’t get any easier.. It gets different but funner.

At the completion of this course, you will be ready to deal with various size and shape of damages. Everything your learn from the course will be extremely applicable in the real world. Our methodological training will help you perfect your repairs. We know you will have a ton of fun and leave with full of confidence!