• Reading Proper Board & Light Reflections
  • Staying Eye Level w/ Hand, Body Positioning
  • Tool Tip Location
  • Tap Down Placement & Exercises
  • VariousTools & Usage
  • Vehicle Access
  • Push Mark Prevention
  • Deep Ding Removal 101
  • Releasing Pressure
  • Working with Interchangeable Tips
  • When to Switch Tools or Tips During a Repair
  • Deep Ding Removal Finishing
  • Cross Checking
  • Switch Sides
  • Keeping Your Repair Clean

One Week PDR Training

PDR Basic Level is a light 6-day training curriculum. You will not only learn the basic knowledge but also be able to deal with various size and shape of damages in here. This high quality curriculum provided by Superior PDR Training Center is structured, focused, and effective. You will learn valuable lessons within the week of training that are directly applicable to your PDR business. Please note that while you will be gain the basic PDR skill set over the completion of the course, as known by all PDR professionals, you will need more than one week of training to be a fully trained PDR technician.

PDR Basic Level is a basic crease repair course. We understand that most students are unable to spare 2 to 3 weeks for full time training, so we provide a tiered program for you to complete at your own pace. The key to excellence at your PDR skills are practice and experience along with the correct use of tools. We are able to teach you about the use of the tools, and will provide you with some opportunities for practice exercises. However, you will need to continuously train and learn in addition to participation at this training course to familiarize yourself with PDR.

After the conclusion of the course, you can continue to practice at the trianing facility for no extra fees. We will be happy to answer your addiitonal questions to help you perfect your skills.