• Core Shrinking Metal Techniques
  • Working with Aluminum
  • Using Heat
  • Using Extreme Sharp Tip Tools
  • Working with Complex Big Dents
  • Break Down Process

4 Week PDR Training

The 4 weeks Expert Level curriculum includes all skills up to the Advanced Level course and beyond. We believe by this stage, you must be very confident of your PDR skills.

Over this ourse, you will notice that you are much more familiar with all the applications of your skills- how you handle your tools, the rhythm of your taps, the positioning of the sharp ends of your tools, and more. Your full awareness of all the details of your surroundings will be the biggest difference between your skills now and when you first began.

We will have you work on real repairs for our clients at our bodyshop, and commensurate your assignment with your current competence. This real world experience will help you apply the skills you developed over the program to wherever you head on to. You will improve the most during this final course of training.